How to Be a Good Neighbor

The excitement of moving into your first new apartment is usually over whelming and you are eager to be a good neighbor and to make your rental experience an enjoyable one. Here are some tips and etiquette tactics to keep in mind:

1.Be friendly and approachable. Being friendly is a virtue and it opens doors, to be approachable. This lies the secret of meeting people around your neighborhood and making new friends. Take time to introduce your self, put on a cheerful face. There are great ways to break the ice and meet neighbors, it could be on the stir case, when walking out / into the neighborhood, could be at the parking lot etc.

2.Practice the act of greeting. Greeting goes a long way in attracting neighbors to your self. People around your neighborhood will want to know you more due to the fact that you extend felicitation to them which shows you regard and respect them and this further proves to them that you’re good mannered.

3.Have an attitude of giving a warm welcome to a new neighbor coming in after you i.e. by given a little gift, sharing a bottle of wine together, acquainting the person about the happenings around the neighborhood, which gives sense of belonging.

4.Offer help to the elderly and the needy. Helping the elderly in your new neighborhood brings gratitude and love directly from the elderly person involved / the extended family at large towards your self and this strengthens relationships. Also, helping the needy does not only strengthens relationships, it also brings God blessings to self.

5.Endeavor to contribute towards the improvement / development of your neighborhood i.e. by taking part in cleaning the vicinity during sanitation, planting flowers to beautify your area, contributing cash towards provision of security around the vicinity. Paying your light and water bills as at when due etc.

Living in an apartment has many benefits and can be a great experience. Keeping these tips in mind, will help you to be not just a good neighbor, but a great one. TerryOg.

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