How to calculate your GPA

One of the problems university students face in the school is calculating the GPA.

How to Calculate your G.P.A.?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is determined by dividing the Total Points for a term by the total attempted Credit Hours during that semester. Follow the directions below to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) for a single semester:

Calculating your Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is simple and important.  Knowing your GPA is important in measuring your progress.  GPA is the average grade points you earned over a period of time (for instance, a semester, within your major, or your entire college career).  In every course you will earn a grade except for the few courses you may take on a credit/no credit basis.  Each grade is given the following point values:

Grade A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
Grade points 4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0 1.7 1.3 1.0 0.7 0.0

Every course is worth a specific number of units.  Most courses at CSUN are three unit courses although some might be one unit, five units, etc.
To calculate your GPA:

  1. First take the grade you received in a course and multiply it by the number of units assigned to that course.  This gives you the number of grade points earned for that class.  In a three unit class, you can earn from zero grade points (“F” or 0.0 X 3 units=0 grade points earned) to a maximum of 12 grade points (“A” or 4.0 X 3 units=12 grade points).
  2. Add up all the grade points you have earned for a certain period (for instance, for a semester or within the major, or for your entire career) and divide that by the number of units you attempted, not the number of units earned. This will give you the average grade point you earned for units attempted.

Here’s an example: For Spring semester, Student X took 13 units and received the following grades:

Class Grade Grade Points Per Unit Units Total Grade Points Per Class
ENGL 155 A 4.0 3 12.0
MATH 102 B+ 3.3 3 9.9
COMP 100 C+ 2.3 3 6.9
KIN 126A B 3.0 1 3.0
ART 100 B- 2.7 3 8.1
Total 13.0 39.9

39.9 grade points divided by 13 units = 3.07 Grade Point Average for this semester.


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